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People of Colour Space


This is an open invitation for people of colour only (POC – including racialized, indigenous, immigrant,
queer/trans folk of colour) to come to the POC Space at the 2014 KW Anarchist Book Fair.

The room will be an intentional space of solidarity for those who battle racism as part of our daily lives, and not necessarily as our “activism.” Feel free to come into the space as a retreat, or to engage in consensual conversations with other folks in the room. A possible purpose for the space could be that we build new relationships, relax, eat in peace, debrief, or share some love, care, jokes, and gentleness during a day that can be tiring. The POC Space will have volunteers in the room all day.


Discussion in the POC Space Janice Lee will facilitate a discussion for POC only, on these questions: What are some struggles we encounter as POC in anarchist and radical­identified spaces? How can we promote anti­racism and allyship without doing all the educating ourselves? What are strategies for solidarity between POC?

Janice is an artist/organizer who is trying to be unapologetically anti­racist, better at intersectional anti­oppression, and still be motivated by gentleness, community and love.

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