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Welcome to the Second Annual K-­W Anarchist Bookfair!

Welcome to the Second Annual Kitchener­-Waterloo Anarchist Bookfair!
It’s finally here, Kitchener­Waterloo’s biggest radical educational event, the KW Anarchist Bookfair!

We aim to foster an environment that educates people who are new to ideas of anarchism as well as bring experienced anarchists into discussions about strategies and tactics against oppressive forces.
While we are hosting tablers that are selling books, zines, art and all sorts of goods, the main focus of the bookfair are the workshops. The Bookfair Collective has selected workshops that deal specifically with anarchism and anarchist tactics, strategies and ideas. We hope that today will be an engaging and positive experience, and that this event will spur conversations and encourage people to build towards the world we all hold in our hearts.
Before moving on with your day, we ask that you take a look at the Accessibility and Safer Spaces policy to help create and maintain an environment that will make todays event enjoyable for everyone.
If you have any suggestions for the Bookfair Collective, you can drop a card in the suggestion box at the welcome table or email us at You can also make a donation to the Bookfair Collective to help make the KW Anarchist Bookfair a sustainable yearly event.
Thanks for coming out. Enjoy the tablers, workshops and free food!

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